Jet programme essay

It is the one page of your application where you essentially outline why you want to join the programme, and of course, prove that you can actually speak and write English. Now of course, this is one of those things that has no real wrong or right answer. So make sure you answer these questions, get someone to do a spell-check for youand use this as an opportunity to shine!

Jet programme essay

Check out the advice and some of the samples below and here. If you have links to good JET essays Jet programme essay contact us. Take your time crafting the best Personal Statement you can. Your SoP should elaborate on the strengths you've brought up in your application, and should refer to the traits JET is looking for.

Provide brief anecdotes about experiences you've listed in the application. Show some personality, give the interviewers a reason to remember you.

Jet programme essay

Also, have other people look over your SoP. This is a professional-calibre essay, not something for an intro English class. The essays for Americans Statement of Purpose and the British Personal Statement are relatively similar, so the following samples are of use.

Just as long as you've answered clearly the three questions required on the UK JET application it should be fine. You can answer the three questions distinctly or, if you prefer, write it in one essay. However for ease of reading it's suggested you break it into sections.

Just don't muddle them up into an ill-defined personal statement without letting your personality shine through. Detailed discussion of mental or physical health issues.

Don't waffle on about one unimportant point and drag it out to be a paragraph, then talk about lots of other really good points and skimp on the details.

Criticising anyone or anything. Writing too much or too little. Talking about what you want, instead of what you can do. Whatever you say in your statement, it should link back to why you'd make a good candidate.

Giving examples, especially long winded ones. The mention of anime, manga, or video games. Some people debate this notion. If you have a personal interest in an aspect of Japanese culture, mention it, but tread cautiously.

For example, it's fine to enjoy ikebana or karate, but don't spend the majority of your essay talking about it. Further to Point 2, it should be devoid of spelling and grammar errors.

It should flow well. It should sound good when you read it. You do not want to be remembered as the candidate who couldn't tell the difference between "its" and "it's".

Remember, you're applying to teach English to Japanese students. It won't reflect well on you if you don't have adequate command of the English language yourself.

Have other people review and edit your essay, preferably trained professionals like English or Journalism professors.

If you don't have professionals, use who you can find. Just make sure that you have this essay as polished as you can make it before you submit.

Application Procedure

It is provided FYI. After reviewing it myself, I see that this is indeed the case. Please do not advocate that applicants should break any of the parameters that have been set by the JET Program.

The two-page limit is absolute; anything beyond that will be ignored by the reviewers. Given how many applications we receive, it is important that all applicants follow the rules and do not try to take an unfair advantage over their peers.

Doing so may actually hurt their chances. I appreciate that you have built a webpage to try to encourage JET applicants, but please do not try to undermine the guidelines that they need to follow. If the official websites say that something is required, then it is required.Every JET Programme applicant needs to complete a "Statement of Purpose".

For the reference of any aspiring JET applicants this was the one I submitted successfully. For the reference of any aspiring JET applicants this was the one I submitted successfully.

An essay (two-pages, double-spaced) describing your motivation and qualifications for participating on the JET Program. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation To be submitted through the online portal. JET Programme Essay - Statement of Purpose - Pg. 3.

Experiencing Japan through the eyes of a South African ALT on the JET Programme 2014 – 2016

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The centerpiece of your JET application is The Statement of Purpose, or SOP. It's the one-page letter where you get to say everything you want JET to know.

It’s also, shockingly, the only chance you’ll have to prove that you can actually speak English. Organize it well, be clear, and edit it.

In theory, the SOP. The JET Programme application usually opens sometime around late September through to October, and stays open for about a month. Just make it flow like you would with any regular essay, but keep your content organised. Join The Jet Coaster Facebook Group.

Sep 16,  · The Statement of Purpose (SoP) essay is an important part of your application when applying for the JET Programme. A solid, well-written essay could easily become your ticket to the interview stage, while an overly worded, vague essay might not pass the grade.

My "statement of purpose" for JET application