An analysis of neil irwins economic articles on establishing sustainable economic growth in the unit

Members sought a balanced range of views as part of their deliberations on the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill and requested evidence from interested organisations and individuals as well as from the Department of the Environment the Department. Delegated powers of the Bill 3. The Committee sought advice from the Examiner of Statutory Rules in relation to powers within the Bill to make subordinate legislation.

An analysis of neil irwins economic articles on establishing sustainable economic growth in the unit

Funded by New Zealand Winegrowers, it is being run as a three-year endeavour to demonstrate the realities of organic production.

On the organic blocks, grapes are not treated with herbicides and are cultivated under-vine — the traditional method for controlling weeds. In its first growing season, the organic regime was slightly cheaper to run — Chardonnay by 1. Although there isonly have one seasons data, early indications suggest that real and meaningful cost savings could be achieved in the long term.

Pest control was on a par for both regimes, but mealy bug control was slightly better for conventionally-grown Sauvignon Blanc than for the organicallymanaged.

The organic regime achieved significant vigour control for all three grape varieties. Similar fruit quality and quantity were produced under both growing regimes.

The following data is being collected to compare the two regimes: In early SeptemberThompson consulted with Arnst to select blocks — half a hectare for each regime of Chardonnay and three hectares each for Pinot Gris.

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Two hectares of Sauvignon Blanc is being grown organically and four hectares by conventional methods. Comparisons are being done on a per hectare basis. An organic management plan was developed, as well as a spraying programme for controlling pests and diseases on the conventionally-managed blocks.

Structures were put in place to monitor costs.

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In February, Fruition Horticulture found that crop loss due to powdery mildew was less than one percent across all varieties and growing regimes. That was very encouraging. The advantages noted were that these were quick, easy and cheap and the benefits relatively long-lasting.

The disadvantages were questions about the effect on the soil, spray drift and that calm weather was needed for applying the herbicide.

Two cultivation passes aerated the soil on the organic blocks. Thompson admits to feeling very concerned about having only sulphur to manage the threat to the organically-grown vines. Fortnightly applications of sulphur and seaweed were applied on the organic blocks and this was stepped up to every 10 days over Christmas and New Year when disease pressure increased.

Serenade was used at pre-bunch closure. On the conventional blocks, Quintec was used over the Christ- 24 mas period and Systhane and Switch at pre-bunch closure.

An additional application of Systhane was needed for ongoing powdery mildew infection, with copper added predowny mildew infection periods. A single application of Glyphosate and Burnout was used to control weeds. Monitoring the incidence of powdery mildew in the blocks, Fruition Horticulture reported slightly better control for the organic programme.

This difference was small but was the same across all three varieties. Their goals are healthy soils, healthy vines, premium quality wines and a thriving landscape. Views vary about organic growing, and questions centre on its achievability, cost effectiveness and consistency of fruit quality and quantity compared to conventionally grown wine grapes.

The Organic Focus Vineyard Project is addressing the following key questions: As a grower, where and how do you get started? Is organic production possible for everyone? What are the key steps to take a vineyard into organic production?

What are the challenges? How do you control weeds? How do you control pest and disease outbreaks before they occur? What is the effect on quality and yield? How does organic growing affect costs? Over the next three years, the wine industry will be able to follow the project in real time with vineyard walks and through the website.

After receiving extra funding from the Sustainable Farming Fund, two more Organic Focus Vineyards have been added to the trial. There was an abundance of enquiries regarding the call for interested parties, with five vineyards between Central Otago and Marlborough actually applying.

T MS Finance rates starting from 2. The same pattern was also observed in the Sauvignon Blanc, and to a lesser extent in the Chardonnay.

Again Fruition assessed the situation, and again both regimes reported good botrytis and sour rot control.Joanna Clare Yeates (19 April – 17 December ) was a landscape architect from Hampshire, England, who went missing on 17 December in Bristol after an evening out with colleagues.

Following a highly publicised appeal for information on her whereabouts and intensive police enquiries, her body was discovered on 25 December in Failand, North Somerset.

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An analysis of neil irwins economic articles on establishing sustainable economic growth in the unit

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Report on the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill (NIA 5/09)